• What is Business Consulting?Open or Close

    Business Consulting is a service which works with clients on strategy, planning, and problem solving. We help clients develop business skills and knowledge to help them run their business properly and more efficiently. These range from designing a business model and/or marketing plan, to determining which marketing techniques to use, and how to effectively use them.

  • Why would I need Business Consulting?Open or Close

    Any business can benefit from business consulting. You may need it if you are not receiving enough sales, or if your business somehow became unprofitable. Also, business consulting will help on providing insight on how to properly and effectively run your business while implementing strategic tactics.

  • How do we Guarantee Results?Open or Close

    The question is not whether we will achieve the results. The question is whether or not your business will. Achieving the desired results is guaranteed through the mutual cooperation with our clients. We work closely together with our clients to break down overarching goals into goals that are reasonable, and achievable.

  • What sets us apart from other Business Consultants?Open or Close

    We actively challenge business leaders to look beyond their own perceived limitations. We also help identify targets our clients never previously dared to dream of. Thereafter, we will identify the necessary actions and implementations leading to the desired results and design the solutions to carry your business through to the goal. We help our clients succeed.

  • How much do our Services cost?Open or Close

    We will charge for the overall mission, and then we devote the time to the project we see necessary to achieve the established objectives. We only get paid in full when we, together with our clients, actually reach the targets that we have jointly developed. For a quote, contact us.

  • What if i just opened up a new business?Open or Close

    If your ambition is growth, and not necessarily in monetary terms, as your goals could also be personal or measured in geographic terms – as soon as your ambition implies moving beyond your comfort zone – then we are the right partner for your journey, regardless if you are a small startup or a big corporation.

  • How long does it take?Open or Close

    When the process kicks off, we establish how far you want to take it. We will be satisfied only when you have stretched the goal and target definition so far that you don’t believe it anymore. Then we will prove to you that it is completely achievable within a reasonable time frame of your preference.